Ondas, Surf, Longboard e Bodyboard

Fotos: Nelson Afonso
Praia do Cabedelo, 27 de Setembro de 2007

A Figueira da Foz tem condições excepcionais para a prática de desportos de mar, sendo a praia do Cabedelo um dos melhores locais na costa portuguesa para a prática de Surf. A Associação Bodyboard Foz Mondego, a Escola Surf da Figueira e a Associação de Surf da Figueira são exemplos bem sucedidos para a divulgação e aprendizagem de surf, longboard ou bodyboard, modalidades em franco crescimento no nosso país.

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Lamine disse...

I am in West Africa, and there we hope to get a surf report before we cross town to get to the beach break at the right time. Unfortunately, here in Africa, a webcam is hard to find and very expensive. In addition, the internet speed is too slow to have a good video feed. So, for me and my friends, the problem was how can we afford a good surf report. That's when we thought of creating Laplaj.Com. Hence on this site, you can upload photos and text reports directly from a cell phone, assuming the phone has a camera and can send emails. A friend of mine who owns a surf shop near the beach takes a couple of photos every morning and adds a few comments. That way, he keeps us up to date on the local surf... Pretty cool hein! Take advantage of it, the tool is open to all the surf addicts like myself.


Anónimo disse...

Fotos de uma qualidade enorme, parabéns Nélson

Belinha Fernandes disse...

Belas fotos!